Houghton The Ideal Choice For 2018 Captain?

Lee Radford has quite a pickle ahead of the 2018 season, as he appears to have a selection of candidates who all look ‘fit for the bill’ following on from Gareth Ellis’ retirement at the end of 2017.

A number of names have been mentioned, including back-to-back Lance Todd winner Marc Sneyd, Italian International Captain Mark Minichiello, Tongan International Sika Manu, and even the ever-passionate Hull born forward Scott Taylor, however it seem’s many fans’ choice to take up the new captaincy would be none other than 2016 Man of Steel and tackle machine Danny Houghton.

Danny’s ability at hooker is unquestioned, and having come through the ranks at a young age, Radford will likely see the ‘hitman’ as a prime candidate, and any decision would make Houghton the 1st Hull born captain since Radford himself was given the role between 2007-2009. The ultimate debate is, will it hurt his game?

Taking a brief look at Tonga for a moment, they’re currently experiencing a fantastic tournament in the RLWC2017 with Sika Manu at the helm. Can his leadership qualities translate to the field in 2018?

Is it possible Radford may even opt for a dual-captaincy role, a term thrown up for suggestion a number of times in the club’s recent past, such is the influence of having multiple key players at Hull FC.

Editor: Chris Dickinson

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